Thank you for your interest in OM 4.0. The software specializes in the order handling side of your business. From the time the order is received, it is tracked by the system through production, shipping, until finally payment is posted in the Accounts Receivable module. Easy to use data screens guide you through the information entry process. Reports keep you informed of inventory needed for shipments, orders shipped, and receivables due. In seconds, you can see your best selling items and customers. Need to do a pre-show mailing? Easy, and even sort it by zip code. You can even target only those names that you want.


If you are currently using another accounting type software program, chances are that we can convert your data to our format. This can save you a lot of data entry time, and make transition to a new software system easy.


The software has been developed over the past twelve years, with emphasis on the giftware industry. We work closely with companies who need a level of service not available with off-the-shelf software packages. Our clients range from single-user sole-proprietorships to multi-location corporations. Whether you are a manufacturer, importer, distributor, or wholesaler, OM 4.0 can handle your customers, inventory, orders, and receivables.


The following pages will give you a brief overview of the system. Run the CD installation program, and use the program for thirty days. Call me if you have questions.



Wayne Stahnke,

Software Developer

About OM 4.0

OM 4.0 is the newest version of the software program originally known as Office Mate. Wayne Stahnke, the original developer, created the software to manage the orders and production of his own small manufacturing business. He found that most of the existing software was accounting based, great for creating invoices once the order was shipped, but failed when it came to handling orders to be shipped in the future and the inventory needed to produce the orders. OM 4.0 is one of the few programs with actual business experience written into the program. Today, over twelve years later, the program is Windows based, year 2000 compliant, network ready, and feature packed.


What can OM 4.0 do for you


OM 4.0 is tool designed to assist you in running your business more efficiently. Whether in the office, warehouse, or production area, you will find OM 4.0 has functions, which will save you time and money. No longer will you have to add up the pending orders in the file drawer. Let OM 4.0 do it, day after day, at the touch of a button. Let OM 4.0 print the invoices. Let OM 4.0 generate a list of who owes you money, and if they are past due or not. Know in seconds a customers complete purchasing and accounting history. Let OM 4.0 print labels for your pre-show mailings, even sorted by zip code. Let OM 4.0 create production and pick lists for the shipping room, including location and special instructions. OM 4.0 can do this and more. Control is at your fingertips.


User Interface Features

The user interface is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. Menu selections and dialog screens guide you through processes until you have the information you want. Once the data is ready, you can see it in data format on the screen, preview it in graphical format, or send it right to the printer. On screen help is available by clicking on the ? button. The Policy feature allows you to create your own on-line company manual. Just enter the information that your employees need to know when they have questions about how you want them to do things. The Customer Profile screen displays pertinent information about a selected customer. The screen includes accounting, sales, address information, notes, and a scrolling list of their orders. You can click on an order and bring it up on the screen, enter a new order, post a payment, and even find out which product is purchased most often.


Support, Updates, and Customizations

Sixty days of free technical support is included with the purchase of the program, starting from the date of your first call after installation. After the initial period is over, support is billed at our normal rates (see price list). Customizations are available for many parts of the program. Ask for a quote.

Partial List of Features

OM 4.0 Basic Features:


Order Entry and Invoicing:

          Enter orders for customers and add them easily if they are not in your database.

          Make changes to the order or customer while still in entry mode.

          Unlimited number of ship to addresses per customer make drop-shipping easy.

          Print pick lists and order acknowledgements. Warning when printing a pick list more than once to prevent duplicate shipping.

          Duplicate the order for same or any other customer without reentering.

          Warns you if the customer is past due, or has open credit memos. Apply credit memos to the order.

          Handles special items easily.

          Enter line item notes for each item to print on pick list.

          Line item discounts.

          Invoice orders, create backorders for items not shipped or cancel them. Enter prepaid amounts during invoicing or before. Calculates UPS rates and can send data to UPS ONLINE.

          Prints on plain paper or pre-printed forms.

          Unclose an invoice if you need to make changes.

          Print invoices as you invoice, or in a batch at the end of the day. You can even fax them directly through MicrosoftFax.


Customer Data:

          Find customers by name, ID, phone, or select from a list.

          Different billing, shipping, and location addresses.

          Unlimited notes field for each customer.

          Check for other customers in same zip code when entering.

          Stores all pertinent customer data, including an Email address. You can even add additional fields for your own use.

          Customer Profile feature lets you see all necessary company information on one screen, including address, sales, orders, accounting, and notes.

Products and Inventory:


          Unlimited number of item codes.

          Keep notes about each item. Great place to store instructions on how to make an item, purchasing notes, or other useful data.

          Store location, size, and color.

          Create many different price lists, even for certain customers.

          Store SKU codes based on a customer, to print on invoices.

          Store inventory information to be used when calculating low stock levels.

          Can generate UPC codes.

          Create pay royalties based on dollar or percentage amount.

          Three levels of discounts, based on ordered quantity available.

          Flag items as non-commissionable, and have different commission rates per item.




Many different reports which can give you information crucial to running your business. Some of the reporting areas include:

          Open Orders:

By customer, shipping date, cancel date, entered date, production value, or a selected field.

          Closed Order Reports:

By all, selected customer, or selected field.

          Tally Open Orders:

Creates lists of items needed to fill orders. By selected item, ship date, coming months, entered date, production value, weekly to ship, order number, selected field, backorders, 3 different date ranges.

          Sales Reports:

Customers by sales. Customers by percent. Customers needing sales calls. Sales by week, month, year for states, territory, reps, items, source, class, vendors, and more.

          Profit Reports:

By customer, items, orders.

          Inventory Reports:

For low stock levels, value, history, usage, price lists, adjustments to inventory, inventory open to sell, labels, and more.


          Accounts Receivable Reports:

Includes receivable aging, delinquent accounts, customer statements, transaction listings, sales journal, cash journal, GL journal, cash flow, late letters, and more.


Accounts Receivable:


          Post payments to invoices.

          Create Credit Memos and apply them to invoices.

          Late notices.

          Generate statements and charge interest.

          Post deposits on orders.

          Un-post a payment.

          See a list of customer transaction history.

          Export accounting data to Quickbooks or Peachtree Accounting.

          Receivable reports show customers who owe you money.

          Todays AR shows total AR aging, shipments by year, month, day, and cash received.

          Generate mail-merged delinquency letters showing total amount owing and list of past due invoices.

          Print posting list, showing cash received entries.



Other Modules Included:


          Inventory Control.

          Sales Reps.

          Call and Contact Manager.

          Mailing List Manager.

          Show Manager.



Optional Modules Include:


          Purchase Order.

          Bill of Materials.

          Work in Process Manager.

          Multi-user Access (network).

          Show Entry Module

          Multi-Company Module

          Custom Modules

          Electronic Data Interchange



Minimum System Requirements:

        Pentium or equivalent processor or better.

        Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0

        64 mb memory or greater (single user). 128 mb for server.

        200 mb free disk space.


        Symantic PC Anywhere 8.0, or greater.

        Laser or inkjet printer recommended. Continuous feed printers are very slow.

        Internet connection for downloading updates.

        Email for notification of updates and information.

Custom programming available, including:

        Custom forms

        Customized input screens

        Custom modules

        Data conversion

Contact us for a quote.


OM Software offers two levels of technical support after your initial sixty day training period. Each level has been designed to provide you with the quality of support best for your company.

q       Bronze Level: The Bronze level will provide your company with OM Software's basic support subscription plan. This plan includes unlimited email and fax support questions with a 24-hour or less response time. Access to the Members Only area for the OM Web site. Subscription extensions from our Refer-A-User program. Discounted rates on voice support calls. Free minor product updates.

q       Silver Level: The Silver level will provide your company with all of the benefits of the Bronze level, as well as unlimited voice support calls for one person from your company.

q       No Subscription: Maximum billing rate for all support calls, guaranteed by a valid credit card before any services rendered. No access to subscriber web pages for updates and other useful information.

About support calls: Emails are the preferred way of communication for the following reasons: You are never put on hold. You have a printable copy of the question and answer for later review. Taking notes, while conversing on the phone, are sometimes incomplete, and require additional calls. Email questions and answers are used to create the FAQ pages. Faxes are sometimes necessary to send copies of printed reports, or screen captures. If sending questions via fax, only answers will be returned via email.




Subscriber Only Web Area: A new web site is being developed, for current subscribers only. A login code will be sent to you upon receipt of your completed subscription payment form. This site will contain the latest updates, on-line support answers, links to other useful web sites, and updated support documents.




Support Comparison Chart



Unlimited phone support calls, including PCAnywhere computer-to-computer support. Support calls are limited to technical questions about your OM software.[1]


Discounted rates on non-OM related technical and business practice questions.[3]

Members-only web site for access to technical documents, faq's, helpful links, and other useful information relating to your OM software.

Unlimited email and Fax support questions.

Six month extension to your support with each sold referral.

Number of persons receiving support4



Updates to current version of OM software.

Cost per day



Price per year




Order Form




OM 4.0 Software (single user)




Purchase Order Module




Bill of Materials Module




Network Module (unlimited license)




Multiple Companies Module




Remote Order Entry Module




Bar Code Extensions (Fonts, Label Formats, Entry Screen)




Quote Manager (Issue sales quotes & turn them into orders.)




UPC Number Generator




Bronze Support Suscription




Email support for each additional user

@ $100.00



Silver Support Subscription




Voice+Email support for each additional user

@ $250.00



Email support for each additional user

@ $125.00



Data Conversions quoted on request








CA residents add 7% Sales Tax



Shipping $15.00





Minimum System Requirements:

Pentium or equivalent processor or better.

Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0

100 mb free disk space. 64 mb memory, 128mb for server

Laser or inkjet printer recommended. Continuous

feed printers are very slow.


Symantec PC Anywhere 9.2 or greater.

Internet connection for downloading updates.

Email for notification of updates and information


Please read:

You have been provided an evaluation version of OM 4.0 software so that you may explore the program and determine if the software fits the needs of your company. The price of the software, customizations, and data conversion costs are non-refundable. The software has many customizable features, which can be phased in during the initial installation period. Also, many forms and some modules may be customized to better fit your needs.


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[1] Support calls related to OM software, are based on a rate of $120.00 per hour, billed in hour increments. Calls relating to networks, printers, operating systems, and other application software, are billed at a rate of $160.00 per hour. Database repair/recovery, and custom programming is billed at $160.00 per hour.

[2] Bronze plan receives 25% discount on all support calls.

[3] Gold, Silver, and Bronze plans receive 25% discount on all billing rates.

4 Single user support, refers to one designated technical contact person per company. That person can then train others in the operation of the OM software. Unlimited number of users, is based on one company location. Multiple locations require separate support subscriptions per location.